(JR005) Various Artists - Jehm Sounds Like This!

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Jehm Records is extremely happy to be able to present to you our very first compilation, ‘Jehm Sounds Like This!', showcasing precisely what we're about and providing you with a taste of what's to come on the label. Including some electrifying homegrown talent, plus amazing artists from as far as Sweden, Norway, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Spain and the USA, the album is an exciting sneak preview of what to expect from Jehm in the future.

The compilation covers a myriad of styles, from techno to house to disco to ambient, with all the music here conforming with what the label regularly intends to bring to you - diverse, interesting, unique and inspiring electronic music of the highest quality.

We're expecting to hear a lot more from all of the artists involved in our first compilation, and we shall be continuing to work with many of them to bring you further musical goodness in the future!

(JR005) Various Artists - ‘Jehm Sounds Like This!'

1. Tekeoh - Raptor
2. Albertechre - Working Sunday
3. C_C - Flash
4. Sand Script - Bitter Limes
5. Missperception - Behind The Machine
6. Headcleaner - They Call It Acid (Modular Synth Live Take)
7. Bye-Product - McRib (Demo Version)
8. Miotek - Eans 38
9. Gremly - 76th Siberian
10. Cripta - Altrimondi
11. Flaskprosessor - Warranty Lard
12. Radltzx - My Little Pony My Little Pony
13. I-Dults - Climb
14. Dave Blakemore - Stand Here Awhile