(JR014) X-Amount - 01 02 03 04


New to Jehm Records are X-Amount, an experimental electronic duo from South London consisting of Simon Birch and Andi Panayi. The pair use home-made loops and discovered sounds, including building site noises, transport, machinery, water and environmental events to create their trademark dub-heavy textures and beats. Add to this electronic feedback,shortwave radio and noise blended with various vocal sounds, spoken word recordings, Dada, Futurist recordings, political speeches, phonics and sound poetry and what we have left are the absorbing sonic landscapes and hypnotising productions that are X-Amount.

The duo are hardly new to the creation, performance and production of music, with Birch previously involved with numerous London acts and playing several Glastonbury festivals, and Panayi formally collaborating with the likes of Vic Reeves and Coldcut's Matt Black. Originally, X-Amount was a four piece band featuring John Edwards (double bass), Simon Birch (guitars, keyboards, samples and programming), Andi Panayi (drums, samples and programming) and David Fitzgerald (cello). The music was based around improvisations in the studio. They played a few gigs in London in the early 1990’s. The quartet then folded, but Andi Panayi and Simon Birch continue to work electronically under the name X-Amount producing electronic sounds and improvised laptop jams.

All four tracks on the EP '01 02 03 04' feature the usual X-Amount traits of using "found sound" layered over experimental electronic beats which they create via laptop improvisations, and two of the tracks (Sonbahar parts one and two) feature the vocal talents of May Mujagic (also known as E333), a Turkish singer that X-Amount have been collaborating with of late.Some of the sounds contained within the EP were recorded at Anonymous' "Operation Vendetta" protest in London, and there are recordings of trams, water pipes and Pimlico Pumping Station that create textured atmospheres within the electronic grooves.

(JR014) X-Amount - ‘01 02 03 04'

1. Scraper
2. Sonbahar (part one)
3. Sonbahar (part two)
4. Violent Revolution